Edgar Houseman
1898- 1934
Edgar Houseman was aged 18 years & 7 days when he was attested at Keighley for entry in to the
military service on 19 May 1916.

A medical examination took place that recorded him as standing 5’ 1” tall and having a chest
measurement of 321/2”  & weighing 100 pounds. He was found fit for service.

Edgar was employed as a labourer at the time of his enlistment. His address is given as 51 Park Lane,

He was single, and gave as his next of kin his father John Houseman of 51 Park Lane, Keighley.

He signed the declaration on the attestation form, swore an oath and received the “King’s shilling”.
Edgar was then accepted into the army as a Private and was allocated number 4748. He was instructed
to return home and to continue civilian life while he was formally on the Army Reserve, awaiting call up.

He duly received notice and was mobilised on 6 November 1916.

Edgar was posted to the 2/7th Royal Scots on the 7 November 1916 for training. Between the 19
December 1916 & the 22 January 1917 Edgar was treated for pneumonia at Oaklands hospital Chelmsford
& the general hospital Colchester. He was discharged from hospital ' fit for duty'.

On the 13 August 1917 he was transferred to the Labour Corps as Private 314843 & on the 12 September
1917 embarked from Folkestone to Boulogne in France where he joined the LCB depot.

He was then transferred to the 263 Division of the Employment Coy on the 18 September 1917, back to
the LCBD on the 5 October and finally the 204 division as Private 315032 on the 11 October 1917.

He was transferred between divisions between then & the 12 March 1918. He ended the war with the 204
Division Emp Coy of the Labour Corps.

Edgar was discharged in 1919 & because of his overseas service in a theatre of war he was qualified  to
wear the British War Medal and Victory Medal. The medals were posted to him in 1921.
Private - service number 315032
204 Div The Labour Corps