Battle of Mons  (23-24 August)

Action of Elouges

24 August

Affair of Landrecies

25 August

Rearguard Action of Solesmes

25 August

Battle of Le Cateau  (26 August - 1 September)

Rearguard Affair of Le Grand Fayt

26 August

Rearguard Affair of Etreux

27 August

Affair of Cerizy

28 August

Rearguard action of Villers Cotterets

1 September

Rearguard action of Crepy en Valois

1 September

Affair of Nery

1 September

Battle of the Marne  (7-10 September)

Including the passage of the Petit Morin and the passage of the Marne

Battle of the Aisne  (12-15 September)

Including the capture of the Aisne Heights including the Chemin des Dames

Actions of the Aisne Heights

20 September

Action of Chivy

26 September

Defence of Antwerp  (4-10 October)

Battle of La Bassee  (10 October - 2 November)

Battle of Messines  (12 October - 2 November)

Battle of Armentieres  (13 October - 2 November)

Including the capture of Meteren

13-17 October

The First Battle of Ypres 1914  (19 October - 22 November)

Battle of Langemarck

21-24 October

Battle of Gheluvelt

29-31 October

Battle of Nonn Bosschen

11 November

Winter Operations  (23 November - 21 December)

Defence of Festubert

23-24 November

Attack on Wytschaete

14 December

Defence of Givenchy

20-21  December


Winter Operations  (25 January - 6 February)

First action of Givenchy

25 January

Affairs of Cuinchy

29 January  & 1-6 February

Battle of Neuve Chappelle  (10-13 March)

Action of St Eloi

14-15 March

Capture of Hill 60

17-22 April

The Second Battle of Ypres  (22 April - 25 May)

Battle of Gravenstaffel

22-23 April

Battle of St Julien

24 April - 5 May

Battle of  Frezenberg

8-13 May

49th Division

Battle of Aubers

9-10 May

Battle of Festubert

15-25 May

Second action of Givenchy

15-25 May

Battle of Bellewaarde

24-25 May

Other actions in Spring 1915  (15 June - 9 August)

First attack on Bellewaarde

15 June

14th Division

Actions of Hooge

19 July. 30 July.

9 August

 The Battle of Loos  (25 September - 19 October)

Action of Pietre

25 September

Actions of Bois Grenier

25 September

14th Division

Second attack on Bellewaarde

25-26 September

Actions of Hohenzollern Redoubt

13-19 October

49th Division

The defence against the first Phosgene attack

19 December


Operations on the Ancre  (11 January - 13 March)

Capture of Munich Trench

10-11 January

Capture of Puisieux Trench

3 February                   


Capture of Ten Tree Alley

10-13 February

Actions of Miraumont

17-18 February

Capture of Thilloys        

25 February - 2 March

Capture of Irles

10 March   

14th Division         The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line

                                             (14 March - 5 April)

50th & 62nd Div

Occupation of Peronne

18 March

The Second Battle of Arras 1917 (9 April - 16 June)

Battle of Vimy

9-14 April

14th Division

50th Division

First battle of the Scarpe

incl the capture of Monchy le Preux and the Wancourt Ridge

9-14 April

50th & 62nd Div

The first attack on Bullecourt

11 April

50th & 62nd Div

The German attack on Lagnicourt

15 April

Attack on La Coulotte

23 April

50th Division

Second Battle of the Scarpe

incl the capture of Guemappe and Gavrelle

23-24 April

Battle of Arleux

28-29 April

14th Division

Third Battle of the Scarpe

3-4 May

incl the capture of Fresnoy

50th & 62nd Div

Battle of Bullecourt

Clare Norman Houseman died 3 May

3-17 May

Capture of Roeux

13-14 May

Actions on the Hindenburg Line

20 May - 16 June

53rd Division        Egypt - The Second Battle of Gaza  (17-19 April)

The Battle of Messines and subsequent actions (7 June - 11 July)

23rd Division

Battle of Messines

incl the capture of Wytschaete

7-14 June

Operations on the Flanders Coast

20 June - 11 November

32nd Division

Capture of Oppy Wood

28 June

German attacks on Nieuport

10-11 July

OperationHush ( Planned for July - August 1917)

49th Division


The Third Battle of Ypres 1917  (31 July - 10 November)

( Passchendaele )

Battle of Pilkem

31 July - 2 August

Capture of Westhoek

10 August

Battle of Hill 70

15-25 August

14th Division

Battle of Langemarck

16-18 August

Local Operations around St Julian

19,22,27 August

Battle of Menin Road

20-25 September

Battle of Polygon Wood

26 September - 3 October

Battle of Broodseinde

4 October

49th Division

Battle of Poelcapelle

9 October

14th Division

First Battle of Passchendaele

12 October

14th Division

50th Division

Second Battle of Passchendaele

26 October - 10 November

53rd Division        Egypt - The Third Battle of Gaza  (27 Oct - 7 Nov)

      incl the capture of Beersheba (31 Oct) and the capture of Tell Khuweilfe (3-7 Nov)

The Cambrai Operations  (20 November - 30 December)

The Tank attack (Battle of Cambrai)

20-21 November

Capture of Bourlon Wood

23-28 November

German counter attack

30 November - 3 December

Action of Welsh Ridge

30 December

53rd Division        Egypt - The Capture of Jerusalem  (7-9 December)

53rd Division        Egypt - The Defence of Jerusalem  (27-30 December)


 Actions of Spring 1916          (14 February - 13 June)

Actions of the Bluff

14-15 February

Actions of the St Eloi Craters

27 March - 16 April

German attacks on Vimy Ridge

21 May   

Battle of Mount Sorrel

2-13 June

The Battle of the Somme 1916  (1 July - 18 November)

49th Division

Battle of Albert                  

incl the capture of Montauben, Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison and La Boiselle

1-13 July  

incl the attack on the Gommecourt salient

1 July    

49th Division

Battle of Bazentin                          

incl the capture of Longueval, Trones Wood and Ovillers

14-17 July

incl the attack on Fromelles

19 July

incl the attacks on High Wood

2-25 July

14th Division

Battle of Delville Wood

15 July - 3 September

49th Division

Battle of Pozieres                                                       

incl the fighting for Mouquet Farm

23 July - 3 September

Battle of Guillemont

3-6 September

Battle of Ginchy

9 September


49th Division

50th Division

Battle of Flers-Courcelette

incl the capture of Martinpuich

John Houseman died 15 September

15-22 September

Battle of Morval

incl the capture of Combles, Lesboeufs and Guedecourt

25-28 September

Battle of Thiepval      

26-28 September

Battle of Le Transloy

incl the capture of Eaucourt L’Abbaye, Le Sars and the attacks on Butte de Warlencourt

1-18 October

Battle of the Ancre Heights

incl the capture of the Schwaben Redoubt, Stuff Redoubt and the Regina Trench

1 October - 11 November

Battle of Ancre

incl the capture of Beaumont Hamel

13-18 November

53rd Division                Egypt - The Battle of Romani  (4-5 August)


        The First Battle of the Somme 1918  (21 March - 4 July)

14th Division

50th Division

Battle of St Quentin                  

21-23 March  

incl the actions of the Somme crossings

24-25 March                  


First Battle of Bapaume                              

24-25 March   

50th Division

Battle of Rosieres   

26-27 March   

32nd Division

First battle of Arras      

28 March               

14th Division

Battle of the Avre

4 April    

32nd Division

Battle of the Ancre

5 April

53rd Division              Egypt - The Battle of Tell’ Asur  (8-12 March)

The Fourth Battle of Ypres 1918  (9 - 29 April)

(The Spring Offensive)

(The Battle of the Lys)

49th Division 50th Division

Battle of Estaires

9-11 April

incl the first defence of Givenchy

49th Division

Battle of Messines            

10-11 April

50th Division

Battle of Hazebrouck             

incl the  defence of the Hinges Ridge and the Nieppe Forest

Walter Houseman died 12 April

12-15 April

49th Division

Battle of Bailleul

incl the defence of Neuve Eglise

13-15 April

49th Division

First Battle of Kemmel                 

17-19 April

Battle of Bethune

incl the second defence of Givenchy

18 April

Action of Villers Bretonneux

24-25 April

49th Division

Second Battle of Kemmel

25-26 April

49th Division

Battle of the Scherpenberg

29 April

49th Division           Harold Houseman died 26 April from wounds received on

                                            the 24 April when his camp was shelled

Battle of the Aisne 1918  (27 May - 6 June)

Action of La Becque

28 June  

Capture of Meteren              

19 July              

Battles of the Marne 1918  (20 July - 2 August)

Battle of Tardenois

incl the fighting for the Ardre Valley

20-31 July

Battle of the Soissonais and the Ourcq

incl the attack on Buzancy and the capture of the Beugneux Ridge

23 July - 2 August

32nd Division           Battle of Amiens  (8 - 11 August)

The Second Battle of the Somme 1918 (21 August - 3 September)

32nd Division

Battle of Albert

incl the capture of Chuignes

21-23 August

32nd Division

The second battle of Bapaume

31 August - 3 September

The Advance in Flanders  (18 August - 6 September)

Actions of Outtersteene Ridge

18 August

The Second Battle of Arras  (26 August - 3 September)

Battle of the Scarpe

incl the capture of Monchy le Preux

26-30 August

Battle of Drocourt-Queant

2-3 September

Battles of the Hindenburg Line  (12 September - 12 October)

Battle of Havrincourt              

12 September  

Battle of Epehy       

18 September   

Battle of the Canal du Nord

incl the capture of Bourlon Wood

27 September -1 October  

32nd Division

Battle of St Quentin Canal

incl the passage at Bellenglise and the capture of the Bellicourt tunnel defences

29 September - 2 October

32nd Division

Battle of Beaurevoir

3-5 October

Battle of Cambrai

incl the capture of Villers Outreaux and Cambrai

8-9 October

49th Division

The pursuit to the Selle

9-12 October

53rd Division        Egypt - The Battle of Nablus  (18-21 September)

The Final Advance in Flanders  (28 September - 11 November)

Battle of Ypres

28 September - 2 October

14th Division

Battle of Courtrai

14-19 October

Actions of Ooteghern

25 October

Actions of Tieghem

31 October

The Final Advance in Artois  (2 October - 11 November)

The Final Advance in Picardy  (17 October - 11 November)  

49th Division

Battle of the Selle

17-25 October

49th Division

Battle of Valenciennes

incl the capture of Mont Houy

1-2 November

32nd Division

Battle of the Sambre

incl the passage of the Sambre-Oise canal and the capture of Le Quesnoy

4 November

Passage of the Grande Honelle

5-7 November

Capture of Mons

11 November

Armistice Day 11 November 1918